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This tutorial is intended to help Window Maker users gain knowledge about the many excellent features of this window manager. The official Users Guide is worth reading. It can be reached from the Window Maker site. Other guides, tutorials and tips can be found at various sites on the internet. An internet search for "Window Maker guide how-to" might provide additional worthwhile information.

This guided tour is NOT supposed to be a README, INSTALL or FAQ. These are worth reading, or more accurately, they should be considered COMPULSORY reading.

The information in the guided tour is based upon Window Maker version 0.95.3. Check your version by opening (the Window Maker Preferences tool). The version number is shown in the initial WPrefs window just below the "Window Maker Preferences" title. You may also run the command "wmaker --version" in a terminal (without the quotation marks). This command returns the installed version number of Window Maker.

A special word of thanks

The original Window Maker Guided Tour site was created and maintained for many years by Georges Tarbouriech. Where possible, I have retained his original work - including the layout and structure of the pages, the descriptions of Window Maker features, and even some of his original graphics. I want these pages to be up-to-date, but I also want them to be (as much as possible) a continuation of Georges' work. Thank you, Georges. (Having said that, anything you find in error is without question my fault - so don't blame Georges for any mistakes!) If you find an error, have a suggestion, or wish to make a comment, you may contact me by email at bnance<atsigngoeshere>

This tour will attempt to follow Window Maker development, but not every update can be taken into account. In other words, this tour can help you learn the basics, but does not pretend to provide all of the detail or all of the latest information available in the official README, INSTALL and FAQ documents provided by Window Maker developers and maintainers.


Two archives are available: HTML and pictures.

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