As soon as Window Maker is compiled with some options and gettext installed, it is fully localizable. Check the INSTALL file.

However, localization of menus can be used without the LANG environment variable set. Using pl menu allows to get menus in any available language without setting this variable.

Why do such a "thing" instead of setting the localization the "right" way?

For some reasons users may want to keep the system default language instead of defining a new localization. One of the main reason is that most software doesn't exist in all languages.


It's possible to change the fonts in Window Maker, editing the WindowMaker file or the WMGLOBAL file in ~/GNUstep/Defaults.

Once again the INSTALL file gives instructions on how to do it.

The specific file to edit varies according to the fonts to be changed.

The script wsetfont is provided to do the job.


Window Maker provides the user with some useful utilities.

There is a README file concerning these scripts in the util directory.

Almost each script has it's own man page recommended reading.

These utilities mainly concern the GUI: icons, styles, fonts, menus, backgrounds.

A few of them deserve special interest as many users don't seem to know about them.

The wdwrite script, for instance, writes data into the configuration files.

The setstyle (or getstyle) scripts are used to manage themes.

Wxcopy and wxpaste allows copying and pasting using the X cutbuffer.

The first one makes part of the default applications menu, in the selection item.

For KDE users, is worth using.

From version 0.63.0 on, a new utility is available : wmagnify. It allows magnification of the area under the mouse pointer.

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