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WARNING: This is for OLD style theme's only as is OUT OF DATE. Support for this format may be dropped eventually and is not actively supported. Use this at your own risk!! Unless you have reason to do otherwise, PLEASE use the new ThemePack format!!!

For those of you that like to get in there and do it yourselves, or just want a theme that is truely yours, here are some helpful guidelines to follow to have your theme be as simple, standard and user friendly as possible. See here for info on the new ThemePack format.

Have fun!

  • tar up your theme so that if the user untars it while in his/her ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker...the theme will instantly appear in their menu. Here's a quick guide to tar'ing your theme up.

  • Please use only Window Maker standard directory sructures. details

  • Please use jpeg's as your background images. details

All set! Now you can share it with your friends. :)
If you have any further questions, or comments on possible additions to this HOWTO, please let us know. Thanks!