Here's a quick guide to tar'ing your theme up:
cd to your ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/ directory, and type something like the following: (replacing the file names appropriately for your theme)

  1. tar -cvf Foo.tar Foo.lsm Backgrounds/FooBG.jpg Pixmaps/FooTile.xpm Icons/FooIcon.xpm Themes/Foo

  2. gzip -9 Foo.tar

This should leave you with a nice new Foo.tar.gz theme which includes (in this case), the theme file (Themes/Foo), the background wallpaper (Backgrounds/FooBG.jpg), a tile (Pixmaps/FooTile.xpm), an icon for the dock (Icons/FooIcon.xpm) and a readme file (Foo.lsm).
LSM files for your themes are a must. The format of the LSM file is easy. Click here for an example.

If you're having trouble, try typing 'man tar' or ask for help on irc in the #WindowMaker channel on EFnet. If all else fails, you can contact us and we'll try and help you out, but please try the other methods first. Thanks.

Also, your theme file should NOT include your ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WindowMaker file! This will overwrite the person who downloads the theme's keybindings and other personalized settings. Also do NOT include any files other those from the directories I mentioned above. For example, do NOT include your menu file or anything from your ~/GNUstep/Defaults/ directory. ONLY include files from the directories listed above and the readme.lsm file.

Window Maker: Theme HOWTO - Tar'ing your theme