Version 0.96.0 released

Window Maker 0.96.0 was released on August 5th 2023

Moving IRC official channel to

At May 26 2021, by taking into account pros and cons, Window Maker team has decided to move our IRC channel from Freenode to network. Reasons for such move was recent major changes how Freenode IRC network is being operated. See Community section for details.

Version 0.95.9 released

Window Maker 0.95.9 was released on April 4th 2020

Version 0.95.8 released

Window Maker 0.95.8 was released on March 11th 2017.

Version 0.95.7 released

Window Maker 0.95.7 was released on August 2nd 2015.

Version 0.95.6 released

Window Maker 0.95.6 was released on August 30th 2014.

Version 0.95.5 released

Window Maker 0.95.5 was released on August 29th 2013.

Version 0.95.4 released

Window Maker 0.95.4 was released on January 3rd 2013. There was a major code cleanup related to icons, some changes in WPrefs, the addition of a new “Center” placement strategy, support for _NET_FRAME_EXTENTS, the removal of CPP dependency to process menu files and small fixes and improvements all around.

Version 0.95.3 released

Window Maker 0.95.3 was released on May 16th 2012. This release fixes a regression which would cause more than one instance of an application to start (under some circumstances) when using menu shortcuts. The window maximization procedures now have a more intuitive behavior with respect to remembering the old geometry and going back to it. Furthermore, there are some other small fixes and cleanups.

Version 0.95.2 released

Window Maker 0.95.2 was released on February 14th 2012, and it contains just a few commits on top of 0.95.1. They were necessary to fix a few issues like ‘make dist’ not compiling. Furthermore a few more code cleanups slipped in.

Version 0.95.1 released

Window Maker 0.95.1 was released on January 29th 2012.

The last official Window Maker release was version 0.92.0 from 2005, and version 0.95.1 contains many bug fixes and also a few new features.

New features and highlights

The following list is incomplete, but should give a first-order approximation to the new features in this release. For the truly curious among you, reading through git log is the only complete source of information.

Bug fixes

Window Maker 0.92.0 was already very stable, but many bugs were fixed in this release. A very incomplete list is given below, and as time permits it will be updated (including links to the commits) in the future. But the message now is that if you don’t like bugs, use version 0.95.1.

Summary of changes

A lot of effort was put into cleaning up the code, with lots of code removal and tidying things up. The following output should give you an idea of the development in the last cycle:

git diff --shortstat wmaker-0.92.0+..wmaker-0.95.1
 592 files changed, 118361 insertions(+), 133342 deletions(-)
git diff --shortstat 688a56e8ab67b..wmaker-0.95.1
 566 files changed, 37676 insertions(+), 41817 deletions(-)

The first shortstat is really everything, including the (huge) patch generated in this commit from 2009, which changed the old sources to the linux kernel coding style. The second shortstat contains the summary of development afterwards – but included is the addition of a debian folder with files summing around ~20k lines. The full diffstat for the second command can be seen here.

Info v0.95.1

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