There are couple of ways, how to reach Window Maker community.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are main point of contact, especially for development group which is quite small, and often tend to be pretty quiet for couple of weeks.

Listed below are the currently available Window Maker mailing lists. We have switched our list over to Google Groups.

Window Maker Developer List

The Window Maker developer list is aimed at developers and others interested in the inner workings of Window Maker.

Window Maker User List

The Window Maker user list is aimed at the end user for questions, tips, suggestions and general discussion.


Please see the Google Groups documentation.


The following rules of etiquette are to be followed when posting to any of the lists:


There is a #windowmaker channel on, which can be reached using appropriate client. Please be aware, that answers for questions asked there could take even couple of hours, since there are people from different time zones.


There is also a group on Reddit dedicated to discussion on Window Maker.

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