Mailing Lists
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Mailing Lists

This page contains all of the information needed in order to subscribe or unsubscribe from the mailing lists, along with the general guidelines that should be followed when posting messages.

Listed below are the currently available Window Maker mailing lists. We have switched our list over to Google Groups.

Window Maker Developer List

The Window Maker developer list is aimed at developers and others interested in the inner workings of Window Maker.

Window Maker User List

The Window Maker user list is aimed at the end user for questions, tips, suggestions and general discussion.


Please see the Google Groups documentation.


The following rules of etiquette are to be followed when posting to any of the lists:

  • Do not top post.
  • Use of excessive quoting in E-mail replies is frowned upon.
  • HTML messages and non-text attachments will be rejected.
  • Please consider reading some of our documentation before posting questions to the lists. The Window Maker source code comes with a README, INSTALL, and NEWS file. There is also a FAQ to read.
  • Please, please, and pretty please THINK before you post. Try very hard not to intentionally provoke others and cause flame-wars. We reserve the right to unsubscribe and ban any user that has a history of causing trouble.