The programs provided as part of the Window Maker project have a manual page; you should be able to get the appropriate version for your install via the shell command:

man command

Below is the online version of the manual pages for the latest release:

geticonset1gets the current Window Maker icon set
getstyle1dumps the current Window Maker style related configuration or creates a theme pack.
seticons1sets the icon images used in Window Maker
setstyle1set style related options for Window Maker or loads a theme
wdread1read value from defaults database
wdwrite1writes keys and values to the defaults database
wmagnify1magnify parts of the screen
wmgenmenu1Writes a menu structure usable as ~/GNUstep/Defaults/WMRootMenu to stdout
wmiv1quick image viewer using wrlib
wmmenugen1Window Maker PropList menu generator
WPrefs1Window Maker configuration tool
wxcopy1copy stdin or file into X11 cutbuffer
wxpaste1output a cutbuffer to stdout
wmaker1X11 window manager with a NEXTSTEP look
wmsetbg1sets the background on the X11 display
Window Maker: Manual Pages