Window Maker firmly adheres to the behavior and functionality of the NeXTSTEP™ user interface. The developers have put forth a great deal of effort in capturing the essence and beauty of the original design, and have incorporated some new ideas of their own. This has always followed the philosophy of keeping to those features which fit well into the overall design, while limiting the amount of “feature creep” that tends to bloat other window managers. A summary of the main Window Maker features are presented below.

Core (usability)

Extras (eye candy)

Despite all of these features, Window Maker is not resource intensive and remains stable across many UNIX varients. It is extremely flexible, and many options can be included or excluded at compile time. This means that you can easily tailor Window Maker to meet your needs; whether you are a minimalist wanting to save resources, or an extremist that likes to theme everything in sight. A screenshot of a typical Window Maker workspace is here.

Window Maker: Features